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Summer has well and truly come to an end now, but before the tempuratures had dropped too much, I was able to get out and shoot a set of photos with Patricia Beja. Patricia opted to wear a knitted dress - in keeping with the autumnal time of year - although as you can see, not all of the trees have changed colour just yet.


I'd spotted this location as somewhere to potentially shoot about a year ago. As a photographer, I'm always looking for locations whatever I'm up to. I'd originally decided this spot was only good for a couple of landscapes of Londons skyline seeing as I couldn't easily get a car in to the view. A lot has changed since last year though, and being lucky enough to work with some great models such as Patricia has allowed me to use some awesome locations I'd previously written off.


The backdrop to a photo has always been just as important to me as the subject itself, even if the back ground is dropped out of focus. This is an approach I haven't changed whether I'm shooting a car or a model. Planning is always key, and by bringing Patricia to this view point of the London skyline, we were bound to get some great shots. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did shooting them.