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At the beginning of 2017, I gave myself the goal of using my 35mm SLR again. I've been taking it with me whenever I've gone anywhere of interest as well as on photoshoots which I'd otherwise be shooting in digital. If you follow my blog, then you'll have already seen some scans of my 35mm photographs, but my intention has always been to get back in a darkroom and print them.


Black and white film photography is a real skill in itself and can provide valuable pratice towards even colour/digital photography; without colour it's important to pay much more attention on your light source and the way shadows and highlights are cast across your image.


Black and white film is so simple to develop and to print as long as you have the right equipment. I'm lucky enough to live near some darkrooms which are available for hire, so at my first opportunity I took the trip over there to do a few prints, and was amazed by how much better they came out in comparison to scans.


I've been to the darkroom a couple of times now, and it's such a pleasurable experience. With digital you end up stuck to a screen, and because you're on a computer you'll end up uploading your images to social media. Instead, I got a real sense of creativity and acheivement without going anywhere near a computer or phone (until now). Anyway, here's a few of my better prints so far. Enjoy!