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The Porsche 911 996 model is one that poeple often turn their noses up at. Being the first generation of water-cooled 911s, it doesn't please the air-cooled fans, but it's also old enough now for the 911 to have evolved hugely since its release, leaving it in an awkward position on the second hand market. Jamie Gordan had been an owner of an air-cooled 964 before switching up to this 2003 996.


I originally had my sights set on shooting Jamie's 964, but after he had sold it and started working on this 996, I had to see where it went. The most noticable changes are the 20" BBS wheels and KW coilovers wound down to give a tough stance. These subtle changes re-confirm how big a difference the right wheels and drop can make to a cars appearance. But what about how it drives?


We met reasonably early near Western-Super-Mare and took a short drive to Cheddar Gorge. Luckily we were early enough to avoid any people or cars cluttering our shots. If you've never been to Cheddar Gorge, it literally is a massive gorge through a hill with a twisty road down the middle, and parking areas on the sides of the road at parts where the gorge widens. These parking areas made for the perfect place to stop and grab some photos.


Because of its popularity with visitors, the speed limit is 30 along at least the bottom half of Cheddar Gorge, but if you get a clear stretch, you can have some great fun. After some of the usual static photos, I found some vantage points to grab a few panning photos while Jamie drove passed, and judging by the smile on his face, his Porsche 996 drives just as good as it looks.