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While out searching for vantage points for cityscapes of the London skyline with a friend of mine, we managed to gain access to this rooftop smack bang between the skylines of the city and Canary Wharf. The space was so great that I figured it would be the perfect spot to return to and photograph model Joy Ojukwu, utilizing the incredible backdrop.


Joy and I set off to get to the location in time for us to shoot through the golden hour. As luck would have it, the weather was perfect, providing a beautiful sun set over the city. I've always had a tendancy to shoot away from the sun, assuming that would be the best lighting, although this isn't often the case. We tried shooting in several directions, with different lighting in each. Shooting towards the sun has definitely worked best, with it providing great highlights and shadows on Joy and an awesome summery feel with sunshine beaming through the skyline in the back ground.

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