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P r o j e c t   P o r s c h e

Just over a year in to my Porsche 944 project, and I can finally say that I'm happy with the progress so far. I'd have liked to have more done at this stage, but storing the car over 100 miles from where I'm living doesn't give me the opportunities to work on it the way I would if it was here in London. I wouldn't have even got it this far if it wasn't for the help of some good friends back in Gloucester.


I've never owned such an old car before, and although I checked it over as best I could when I bought it, I still dreaded the MOT at the one year of ownership mark, with fears of all kinds of hidden problems being unearthed. It was a huge weight off my shouldiers when it passed first time with only a couple of advisories which I already knew about.


The biggest job over the year has been getting the BBS LM wheels on. I managed to pick them up for a good price, but the lips had been powder coated white, and I'd need adaptors to get them to fit. It took a good few months for the wheels to be dipped to remove the powder coating and then for the polishers to get the lips back to their original condition. Then once I'd decided on a tyre size (which I'm still not certain about), it was off to a local engineering company to have custom adaptors made.


Now they're on, and the Porsche has a fresh MOT, I've been able to drive it and enjoy it again before any more jobs start. I had a quiet day about a month ago, so I took a drive and headed up to one of my favourite spots in the hills to grab a couple of shots, and later to a quiet multi-storey car park with some cool lighting. More to follow soon!