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Z a c   M i l e s '   M k 1   V o l k s w a g e n   G o l f

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I've often talked about how the internet has the ability to bring like-minded people together from all corners of the globe through social media. I've been fortunate to meet and work with great people across Europe and even the US, which often wouldn't have been possible, or at least anywhere near as easy, without social media. However, it isn't just far and wide that these platforms are useful. I have social media to thank for allowing me to organise this photo shoot with Zac Miles, despite Zac living in the same city as I did at the time.


My love for photographing cars came about when my friends and I would go to various car meets in our corner of the UK. I admired what everyone was doing with their cars, and naturally I turned my lens towards them. As time has passed, many of the car meets died out as did the passion many of my friends had for it, leaving little more than the bad-taste cruises and stereotype boy racers around. So obviously, meeting like-minded Zac and photographing his tastefully restored and modified Golf was a must after making contact on Instagram and realising he lived so near to me.


Having grown up in Gloucester, I know the city pretty well, but I've always struggled to find good locations to photograph cars there. Perhaps I find it easier in less familiar places which interest me more. Where possible, I like to depict a location for what it is or what it's known for by incorporating certain things in to the backdrop. Using this method leaves one obvious choice in Gloucester; the Gloucester Docks. We had one hurdle to cross, or squeeze between; bollards. Thankfully we found two just far enough apart to squeeze Zacs tiny Mk1 through.


Knowing that we weren't supposed to be on the dock side with a car, we got there late in the day and immediately cracked on to get as many images as possible before unevitably being move along by security. We hadn't planned any further locations, but instead drove around and stopped wherever we saw anywhere interesting. I usually try my best to make a series of photographs look uniform with their settings as well as subject, but actually I think the variety has worked great here and has added a lifestyle element. Definitely something I shall be doing more in future.